What Do We Do?

Childhood and adult scoliosis, neck and lower back disc hernias, fractures and dislocations, infections, tumors, spondylolisthesis, and degenerative spinal problems are treated using the latest developments in science at our scoliosis and spine surgery center.

Our clinic is the first to start “endoscopic treatment of herniated disc” in 2002 and "total disc arthroplasty” in 2003, and they are successfully performed. Our clinic is considered worldwide to be a reference center for spinal diseases.

It is among the world’s most experienced centers for vertebra resection and scoliosis surgery performed posteriorly which can be used particularly for different conditions from fractures to spinal tumors.

All investigations of the patients are assessed by specialists, pain and physical therapy clinics, and radiologists; suitable treatment methods including treatment options such as conservative treatment (drug and physical therapy applications), nerve root and facet joint block, or endoscopic or open surgery are scientifically determined for each patient.

It is possible to use up to 10 times lower dosage of radiation than conventional radiography by EOS method used for patients with a spinal disease.

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