Treatment of Congenital Heart Diseases

Other than the problems with small heart holes that do not prevent a patient from developing and/or that has possibility of spontaneous closure, and with venous stenosis that are mild and do not progress, or cardiac valves, most major congenital heart diseases require a surgery. The treatment of congenital heart diseases is highly specific, and they require a particular care. To perform a successful treatment of pediatric heart diseases, it is highly important to have an experienced team of a pediatric cardiologist, pediatric cardiac surgeon and experienced anesthesiologist in pediatric cardiology.

Not more than 50 years ago, it was impossible to perform any corrective operation for children born with major heart diseases. However, the progressions and the works performed in this area during the last 30 years in particular allow us intervening many major heart diseases in their early stage so that these patients can live a normal or near-normal live. Today, surgical treatment of many congenital heart diseases is performed successfully and completely at centers where modern congenital cardiac surgery is used. A life threat of such surgeries can vary between 1% and 10%. After the surgical treatment, almost all the children with relatively simple congenital heart diseases and some part of complex patients are able to reach adult ages, and although a complete correction is not always possible for patients with more than one problem and more complicated problems where one or several chambers of a normal heart, or major veins leading from the heart and/or valves fail to develop, some auxiliary operations can be performed to allow a large number of these patients living their life at better conditions. These patients are naturally at a greater risk before and after the operation. Recent works in areas such as organ transplantation and genetic engineering are a source of hope to these patients, however they are not at a level as required.

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