The Florence Nightingale Group, which is seeking to move on to the next phase of digital healthcare, is collaborating with the University of Warwick, a renowned educational institution in the UK.

Organ Period Begins from the Printer Also in Turkey  The button was pressed to produce organs in Turkey using stem cell technology 3D bioprinter technology.

On December 15th, 2017, the founder and president of Warwick Manufacturing Group, Lord Bhattacharrya and Deputy General Director of Group Florence Nightingale Dr. Sinan Aran, signed a protocol of intent to cooperate in the signing ceremony of the digital healthcare cooperation in the conference hall of Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul.

Lord Bhattacharrya, who had spoken after the ceremony, said that there was a vision in medicine extending from a big data to artificial intelligence.

He indicated that they were expecting the artificial intelligence to take place intensively in health care in the near future.

Dr. Sinan Aran pointed out that stem cell research and clinical applications will lead to significant innovations at the point where medicine is directed. With the development of 3D biotechnology, it was not too far away that new organs produced from one's own stem cells could be used to treat diseased organs.

VATAN Newspaper / December 19th, 2017

Date 2/27/2018
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