Healing Was Found In Turkey in 4 Hours

Emre Ünlü could be able to find out that he had tumor in biliary tract only in 4 months after coming to one of the hospitals of New York. World-renowned American doctors gave Ünlü 6 months to live. The Turkish manager came to Turkey for healing and recovered after a 4hr-surgery.

Emre Ünlü, a 41-year-old father of two, who works as a manager at a famous firm in the USA, started to complain about high fever and fatigue 4 months ago. He went to a world-renowned hospital in New York and underwent various tests. Doctors suspected that he had a tumor in his liver and performed biopsy on Emre Ünlü 3 times but a definitive diagnosis could not be made.
At the end of 4 months, it was understood that he had a mass in his bile ducts but the operation could not be performed because the tumor was in a difficult site.

Biopsy During Surgery

Emre Ünlü, who was given 6 months to live, made some research and found out that such operations are successfully performed in Turkey. He contacted Professor Ünal Aydın, a General Surgeon at Florence Nightingale Hospitals, over the Internet and sent his reports and workup images via e-mail.
He was given the response "we can perform this surgery" and came to Turkey 2 weeks ago. He immediately underwent surgery, during which 60% of his liver was removed, lymph nodes of the liver were removed and the piece with tumor was examined. Prof. Ünal Aydın said "In 4 hours, we removed the tumor, which is called cholangiocellular carcinoma in medical language, from the liver and bile ducts.

The Diagnosis Was Made On The Operating Table

Emre Ünlü, a manager in an important company in New Jersey, was healed by Prof. Ünal Aydın at the end of a 4-hr surgery, and the professor said "We have the patient who was not diagnosed at the best medical center of the world. We took him to the operating room and performed all sampling procedures, radiology and pathology studies in 4 hours.
We can successfully carry out such operations in Turkey. It's been 2 weeks since the operation and Emre Ünlü is as healthy as everyone else. Soon he will go back to the United States, go back to work and be united with his family. "

'I was proud of my country'

Emre Ünlü said that he did not hesitate for a moment to come to Turkey and added "I do not need to look for remedies far away. Turkey has a developing image in medicine abroad. I was proud when my doctor in the USA told me that there were very large surgical centers in Turkey. Most of my friends can not even show Turkey on the map, but these operations can be successfully performed in Turkey, which will change people's thoughts about Turkey.

Date 4/19/2017 editor@florence.com.tr
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