The center will operate in three major titles. ‘Cord Blood Banking', Stem Cell Manufacturing and Tissue Banking

Cord BLood Bank, Celi & Tissue Application and Research Center, embodying numerous firsts, is going into service in Florence Nightingale Hospital.

At FlorenCell, human cell and tissue products will be processed and stored in the same center. For this, it has the characteristics of being one of the rare 'Hybrid Cell and Tissue Centers' in the world. The center will operate like, so to say, a spare parts factory. It will be a place where live and cadaver originated cell and tissue products brought, processed and stored ready for use.

What Solutions Can Be Generated For Which Diseases?

1. Cord Blood

Cord blood, which is considered to be a rich source of stem cells, can be used in;

• Blood diseases
• Cancer
• Bone marrow insufficiencies
• Metabolic disorders
• Genetic disorders

2. MSC's

MSC's can be obtained from fat tissue, bone marrow and Wharton's Jelly of the umbilical cord. Then, they are cultured and proliferated in laboratory environment.

• Since MSC's repair damages in muscle, cartilage, bone and nerve tissues, they are a source of hope for many diseases.

• They are also used to ensure a transplanted organ or tissue will not be rejected by the host's body.

3. Fibroblast

Found commonly in the skin, they are cells that produce a large number of cytokines and excipients. They are used for,

• Lip filling for esthetic purposes
• Reducing wrinkles and treating skin prolapses with an anti-aging effect
• Treating stretch marks and tissue losses
• Non-healing wounds, acne scars
• Dentistry
• Baldness Therapy

After fibroblast cells are injected into the patient's skin, they take action where they are applied and start producing collagen and elastin, thus rejuvenating skin.

4. Chondrocyte

Chondrocytes isolated from a sample taken from the patient's own cartilage tissue, are cultured and proliferated in the laboratory. Then they are transplanted back to the patient's damaged cartilage.

5. Stromal Vascular Fraction

Under local anesthesia, fat tissue is collected from the patient's abdominal and waist region and sent to the laboratory. Regenerative cells isolated from this fat tissue, are used to enrich the fat graft that is going to be transplanted back to the patient.

• Fat grafts enriched with regenerative cells can be used for breast reconstruction, dermal filling, hip, leg and hand rejuvenation or other areas desired to be augmented in the body.

6. Limbal Stem Cell • Used for treating sight loss.

7. PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

• It is a natural, biological and nonsurgical method for the treatment of joint, muscle and tendon problems.
• In addition, it is used in a wide range of areas from skin

Cadaver Originated Tissues Will Be Stored

At the Cord Blood Banking, Cell & Tissue Application and Research Center, processing and banking of ready-to-use live and cadaver originated tissues will take place for the first time in our country.

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Date 11/11/2016
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