Perinatology Center

Florence Nightingale Hospital Perinatology (Risk Pregnancy) Center

Florence Nightingale Hospital Perinatology Center has successfully carried out many perinatology procedures since 2009.

Perinatology procedures and tests are performed by Prof. Dr. Alin Başgül Yiğiter who has received her specialty in Perinatology (Risk Pregnancy), detailed ultrasound certificate, obstetric Doppler ultrasound certificate, fetal echocardiogram certificate and fetal nuchal translucency certificate from the King’s College University Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in London, which is regarded as the global perinatology center.

Prof. Dr. Alin Başgül Yiğiter, a specialist in perinatology, has more than 200 articles published on the national and international journals, and delivered speeches at national and international congresses. Prof. Dr. Yiğiter has been invited for many times by various countries in the world to deliver speeches on perinatology at international meetings. Her particular research topics include using 3 and 4 dimensional ultrasonography in pregnancy, movements of the fetus in the mother’s womb, detailed ultrasound, and invasive interventions at pregnancy. Prof. Yiğiter has written for 6 books that have been published internationally. She is a well-known specialist in the world and in Turkey, assessing the fetal movements and behaviors with 4 dimensional ultrasound.

Perinatology and ultrasound service delivered by the Florence Nightingale hospitals have a high standard, and is informative and supported by consultancy service. Florence Nightingale Hospital’s certificate of suitability JCI (Joint Commission International) indicates that service is delivered in accordance with international standards.

Services offered by Florence Nightingale Hospital Perinatology (Risk Pregnancy) center include the followings:

  • Early pregnancy ultrasound,
  • Nuchal translucency scan at 11-14 weeks,
  • Level 2 and 3 ultrasound,
  • Three and four dimensional ultrasound,
  • Assessment of fetal anomalies or doubtful fetal anomalies and delivery of consultancy service
  • Management of risk pregnancy,
  • Obstetric Doppler ultrasound, assessment of fetal growth and fetal well-being,< /p>Assessment of multiple pregnancy,
  • Amniocentesis,
  • Chorionic villus sampling,
  • Cordocentesis (fetal blood sampling) and fetal reduction.

What is Perinatology and Why is it important?

Perinatology refers to obstetrics. It is crucial for improving health of pregnant women and their fetus, early diagnosis of fetal anomalies, scanning of chromosomal anomalies, preventing miscarriages and stillbirths, predicting and preventing preterm deliveries, identifying potential problems with multiple pregnancies, and monitoring pregnancy.

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