Radi Nenov YankovMy son underwent treatment at your clinic a few weeks ago and I wanted to thank you and outline our journey through these hard times via this email.

During the year 2004, my son Martin Radev Yankov was diagnosed with Pyelonephritis and as of the year of 2009, began a three times a week treatment of Hemodialysis.
During this period I felt very restless and powerless, until I decided to become his donor.
I then quite accidentally found out from friends and family that you were opening a new branch in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on May 25th 2012 and that Dr. Gurkan Tellioglu himself (who operates the transplant procedures at the Florence Nightingale clinic) would be present at the opening.

Noora Ali1954 Basra / Iraq

At 2010 l was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had to go for 6 several operations in Iraq.after chemo procedures l got in touch with Florence Nightingale Hospitals Group.

We were in a deep confusion as well as hopes but after we met the Arabic speaking coordinator we were all felt safe

Would like to thank all GFNH Team for their smiling face and friendly attitude which helped me to get my health back.

Kovziridze Bela

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