Robotic Surgery | Urology
Robotik Cerrahi | ÜrolojiRobotic prostatectomy involves very small incisions so patients are offered a less traumatic minimally invasive

treatment alternative.

Robotic Surgery | General Surgery
Robotik Cerrahi | Genel Cerrahi
Despite being mostly used in urologic surgery over the last decade, the robotic surgery has been increasingly used for general surgical procedures. Read More...
Robotic SurgeryCardiac Surgery

Robotik Cerrahi | Kalp Cerrahisi

Advantages of robot assisted cardiac surgery include less use of blood, shorter hospital stay, less pain, lower rate of infections, aesthetical quality, and earlier return to the work.  Read More...

Robotic SurgeryObesity Surgery

Robotik Cerrahi | Obezite Cerrahisi
Robotic surgery offers various advantages to obese patients and the patients who have undergone a surgery before. 
Robotic SurgeryGynecology

Robotik Cerrahi | Jinekoloji

In Turkey, only a limited number of centers perform hysterectomy (removal of uterus), operations for ovarian cysts and myoma (myomectomy) but most importantly gynecological cancer operations as in the world.

Florence Nightingale |Introduction Video
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