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What is the Role of PET–MRI in Cardiology?

PET – MRI exhibits properties such as absolute anatomical localization and volume confirmation in the quantity and detection of molecular traget along with its advantages scuh as a reduction in the radiation dose compared to PET – CT. 

PET – MRI plays a potential role in imaging atherosclerotic plaques and evaluation of myocardial viability/hibernation. For example, it can present hemodynamic result such as atherosclerotic plaque load and ischemia.

Detection of the threshold for local glucose use by PET and scar transmurality by MRI in determining the size of viable myocardial tissue is a valid method to predict improvement in the regional Wall movement in the subacute period.

With the PET and MRI combination,

PET – MRI in cardiology ensures rapid imaging without exposure to additional radiation.


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