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PET MRI - Confident Diagnosis in One Simultaneous Scan
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PET MRWhat is PET – MRI?

MRI is an imaging modality with high sensitivity to detect cancer. PET can diagnose cancer with tumor specific radiotracers increasing accuracy in cancer diagnosis.

PET – MRI is a high end technology product that inhabits high definition PET detectors in a 3 Tesla high magnetic field MRI resulting in most accurate imaging device for cancer diagnosis.


PET MRSimulataneous use of 3 Tesla MRI and PET detectors PET – MRI

In PET – MRI scanner Whole Body MRI and simultaneous PET data acquisiton can be performed in one single examination.

The combination of high-level soft tissue contrast of MRI together with functional MRI examinations and molecular signals originating from PET acquisition enables multi-parametric evaluation of cancer.

Simultaneous data acquisition from PET detectors and MRI requires high technology. A high resolution whole body MRI together with PET acquisition provides volumetric 3D dataset that can depict tumors as small as 5 mm in size.

With PET – MRI cancer diagnosis, TNM staging and assessment of treatment response can be performed in one single session.

Although PET – MRI is mainly used for  oncologic imaging, it is used in cardiac and
neurological imaging as well. 


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