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Perinatology (Risk Pregnancy) Center
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Florence Nightingale Hospital Perinatology (Risk Pregnancy) Center

Florence Nightingale Hospital Perinatology Center has successfully carried out many perinatology procedures since 2009.

Perinatology procedures and tests are performed by Prof. Dr. Alin Başgül Yiğiter who has received her specialty in Perinatology (Risk Pregnancy), detailed ultrasound certificate, obstetric Doppler ultrasound certificate, fetal echocardiogram certificate and fetal nuchal translucency certificate from the King’s College University Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in London, which is regarded as the global perinatology center.

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Perinatology (Risk Pregnancy) Center offers the following services:

 Early pregnancy ultrasound,11-14 week nuchal translucency scan,Level 2 and 3 ultrasound,Three and four dimensional ultrasound,Assessment of fetal abnormalities or doubtful fetal anomalies, and consultancy services,Management of risk pregnancy, Obstetric Doppler ultrasound, assessment of fetal growth and fetal well-being,Evaluation of multiple pregnancy, Amniocentesis,Chorionic villus sampling, Cordocentesis (fetal blood sampling) and fetal reduction.

3 and 4 Dimensional Ultrasound in Pregnancy

Say Hello to Your New Baby

Ultrasonography allows you to see your new baby in a 3 dimensional picture and 4 dimensional, in other words, 3 dimensional film image. It is a very exciting technology to the families.

Detailed Ultrasound

When is the best time to have a level 3 ultrasound, and what is checked?

It is usually done between 18 and 23 weeks of pregnancy. The fetus is anatomically assessed for the whole body including the brain, face, spine, heart, stomach, intestines, kidneys, hands, arms and legs. This assessment also includes the placenta, anatomy of the fetus, volume of the amniotic fluid, and fetal growth. In most of the cases, parents feel relieved that their baby is growing normally.