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Florence Nightingale Hospitals Gamma Knife Center | Brain Surgery

Gamma Knife Treatment: Gamma Knife surgery is an advanced method of a radiosurgery used for many years in the treatment of diseases of the brain. Elekta has developed over years the radiosurgical device company which is still in common use around the world, the choice of developed countries and centers of advanced medical device.

The most recently developed the Gamma Knife PERFEXION is the replacement or updating of earlier models beyond packed with features. With PERFEXION higher treatment efficacy and fewer side effects can be achieved.




Gamma Knife Treatment | Brain Surgery

Gamma Knife (Gamma Knife) surgery, a procedure used in the treatment of brain selected targets. In this method, your doctor does not make an incision with a knife by yourself. Instead of focusing on the highly sensitive gamma rays, the brain directs the target to be treated.
Today, Gamma Knife treatment applied to 65 thousand people all over the world each year is a safe and effective method of treatment. Treatment process is simple, painless and easy.

Gamma Knife treatment process takes place in four stages:

1.Installation of a frame by your doctor
2.MR, CT or angiography examinations
3.Planning of treatment with high-tech computer
4.Gamma Knife Treatment

1. Installation of a frame by your doctor

Stereotaktik çerçevenin takılması

2. MR, CT or angiography examinations

Stereotaktik çerçevenin takılması

3. Planning of treatment with high-tech computer

Tedavi planlaması

4. Gamma Knife Treatment

Gamma Knife Tedavisi