How to Evaluate Your Overseas Healthcare Provider

We know how you feel!

So much to plan, so many details to arrange – and all in another country, another language.

We know that traveling to another country for medical treatment can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we are here to serve you, providing you with comfort and hassle-free service from start to finish.
Over 1 million patients per year travel overseas for Orthopedic, Cardiology, Transplant, Cancer Treatments, and for other procedures. Many overseas medical facilities incorporate Alternative and Complementary Treatments in addition to traditional procedures, and some advancements that are simply not available at home.
Choosing a world-class medical provider is only the start.
Traditionally, patients are referred to specialists and hospitals by a trusted family doctor. When you seek healthcare outside your country this may not be the case; more likely, you will be the one choosing a medical specialist you do not know, at a hospital you have never visited. Below are questions we recommend you ask of any hospital you are considering, and the relevant answers for Group Florence Nightingale in Turkey

Is the hospital accredited by a reputable third-party organization?

If a hospital is serious about quality and safety, it seeks independent measurement and confirmation. Group Florence Nightingale was one of the first Turkish hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the international arm of the organization that reviews and accredits American hospitals. Their checklist includes over 350 standards, for everything from surgical hygiene and anesthesia procedures, to the systems in place for providing credentials to medical staff and nurses. JCI sends a team to review accredited hospitals at 3-year intervals.

How are the hospital’s doctors licensed and credentialed?

All Group Florence Nightingale physicians are fully licensed by the Turkish Medical Council to practice their specialty in Turkey.
In addition, many are Board Certified in their specialty in the US, Australia, or Europe. The Group Florence Nightingale credentialing process requires a formal review of each doctor’s qualifications and track record by the Credentials and Bylaws Committee and the Hospital’s Medical Executive Committee. These reviews take place before a doctor is appointed to the medical staff by the Hospital’s Board of Governors, and then again every three years thereafter.
A summary of each of our physician’s qualifications is available on our website. If you would like to review the qualifications or specific experience of your physician in more detail when you arrive, we can arrange for you to do so.

What training and licensing do the hospital’s nurses, pharmacists, imaging and lab technicians receive?

Nurses, pharmacists, imaging and lab technicians must undergo schooling and pass certification exams to obtain licenses to practice at the Group Florence Nightingale. Nurses are re-certified at 5-year intervals. Those with special responsibilities (such as ICU nurses) must receive special training and be certified as competent in those areas.

Does the hospital keep in step with the latest technological advances in medicine internationally?

Astonishing advances have been made in the field of medical science and the technology used to offer treatment to patients in every field of specialization, over the past years. You need to be sure that your medical provider has a continuous policy of upgrading its practices, investing in new equipment, and training its experts to deliver the very highest quality of health care.

Group Florence Nightingale’s commitment to providing world-class medical care is evident throughout its practices. The Group is unique in having its own University and Training Hospital that work hand in hand with the Group’s own Clinical Research Center and Centers of Excellence in order to follow and implement developments throughout the world. The Group Florence Nightingale will soon open the first “Smart Hospital” in the region, complete with robotic surgery facilities, tele-medicine, and the fully trained staff to deliver our international patients truly world-class treatment and surgery.

Moreover, the Group Florence Nightingale maintains affiliations and partnerships with some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the United States of America and other countries, and invests continuously in the training and development of all its physicians, nurses, technologists and other staff.

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