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1. What’s Robotic Surgery
The surgical method known as robotic surgery are the operations which are performed with camera and surgical tool bars inserted through 1 cm of small incisions without a large incision on the abdomen. In robotic surgery method ,which is the technologically advanced stage of laparoscopic procedure well known by the community and defined as close surgery,  provides more accurate visualization, intervention and procedure facility with the help of  mechanic arms and tools inserted through small incisions and most importantly with the help of 3D camera . The robot transfers the hand motions of the surgeon sitting in front of the device exactly the same to the arms of the robot , its magnification feature  provides more accurate and close vision to the surgeon and surgery is performed more effectively, easily and by giving less distress to the patient.  

2. When do we use robot?
Robotic surgery can be done in all surgical procedures of the different branches which can be performed laparoscopically. Therefore, all the operations which are known as close operation by our people, can be performed with robotic surgery. a wide range of surgeries can be listed between these operations generally from surgeries of prostate to cardiovascular surgery, from gallbladder operations to gynecologic operations. Overall aim of the new surgical approaches of today, known as “minimal invasive surgery”, is performing the surgery required for the health of the patient with minimum disturbance to the surrounding tissues and protecting the organs as much as possible. This is not only important for patient’s benefit but also in terms of success of the surgery and lack of side effects.

3. Why robotic surgery?
By entering to the abdominal cavity through small incisions with the help of a camera and a few surgical instrument bars, a wide surgical wound doesn’t occur, postop recovery and returning back to normal life is more rapid and easier. This is  also an advantage of laparoscopy but in addition to this,  the developed condition of this fact in robotic surgery is that the surgeon can visualize  the region he’s operating with  3 dimensional great details  closely, distinguish the small nerves and vessels and protect them. The robot which operates same as an artificial hand in conditions where the hand of the surgeon and the tools can’t enter or damage environmental tissues in an open surgery,  transfers the outside hand motions of the surgeon inside with a direct tenderness and makes the surgery perfect. Unrestricted motion ability of the robot arm inside, the ability to simultaneously fulfill the functions of several surgical instruments, causing less hemorrhage and rapid recovery process are the actual reasons to head for robotic surgery.

4.The Privileges, advantages?

As summarized above,  the main advantages of this method  can be listed as, it is performed through very small incisions (centimeter sized) which enable rapid wound recovery, avoid the occurrence of hernia and respond  to aesthetic considerations and that the process of  patient’s getting back to normal life is rapid and easy. Another advantage is , surgeon’s domination to the surgical site where he visualizes much clearly and closely comparing to laparoscopy and open surgery, and effective performance of the surgery, it also means less complication, less environmental tissue damage and more accurate patient benefit.

5. What is the stage of using robotics in gynecology in Turkey and in the World?

After a while it started to be used in the World, robotic surgery devices have been introduced to our country. Time difference between its usage in the World and in or country can be ignored. Surgeries of hysterectomy, ovarian cysts, fibroid and most importantly cancer surgeries are performed in numbered and limited centers in our country same as it is in the World.

6. Are there risks?
As in the sentence we use for giving example to our patients, there is always risk even in a simple tooth extraction or an injection. But here, instead of the question is there any risk? ,  if it is asked as how is the risk comparing to other conventional surgical methods, the answer would be of course the rate of complications and risks would be less comparing to common conventional methods and laparoscopy. As long as robotic surgery spreads rapidly around the World, it will be understood that the “minimal invasive surgery” concept is a method that causes less risk and increases the rate of success.