The role of current interventional cardiologic methods in treatment of congenital heart diseases becomes increasingly important. For example, most valve and or venous stenosis can be opened now without an operation at the angiography laboratory. In addition, some venous defects and in-heart holes can be closed without a surgical operation. Treatment with interventional cardiologic methods provides patients with advantages such as being away from surgery-related risks, reduced hospitalization periods, and absence of an incision scar. Remember that such operations pose a life threat even a little. It is your right to obtain detailed information about planned treatment for your child, alternatives to, and advantages and disadvantages of this treatment when interviewing your doctor.  

In the country, there are now centers that can offer patients quality services using the state-of-the-art technologies and facilities, and incorporate a team where experienced pediatric cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and anesthesiologists who are specifically trained in diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart diseases can work in coordination. Making the diagnosis and applying the treatment of such patients at these centers are of vital importance to establish an early and accurate diagnosis, to plan and administer right treatments on time.