The Group Florence Nightingale at a glance:

  •   Established in 1989: more than 24 years of medical background and experience
  •   The Group's Center for International Patients (CIP) exclusively serves patients from around the world
  •   4 general hospitals each providing "Centers of Excellence" in specialist medical fields
  •   a Medical Center
  •   a Teaching Hospital (Bilim University, Istanbul)
  •   Clinical Research Center
  •   Active in every major area of medical specialization
  •   Treatment and Diagnostic Units using the very latest technology
  •   One of the largest and most renowned hospital groups in Europe and the Middle East
  •   The only organ transplant center in the Middle East region, licensed to operate in five organ transplant areas
  •   Recognized as the standard of excellence for the entire region
  •   Cooperation and Partnerships with leading US and international hospitals



30.000 patients treated every year

over 900 beds, 41 operations rooms, 143 ICU beds and 50 emergency beds.

41.000 Heart Surgeries

The lowest mortality rate in cardiology in Europe - 1,53% in 2010, and annual General Infection Definition of 1,53%)

8 Vertebral & Scoliosis Surgeries per week

105.000 Angiographies & Angioplasties

2-3 Liver Transplants per week (11 Operations in January 2011 and 84 only Liver Transplantation Surgeries during 2010 – 64 from alive, 24 from cadavers)

7 Stem Cell Transplantation cases per month

20.000 Orthopedic Surgeries

300 Robotic Surgeries in Urology

500 Liver Transplantations

8.000 Angiographies a year

2.000 invasive Cardiac interventions a year

2.000 Heart Surgeries a year



1st Stent Operation in the region (1991)

1st Robotic Surgery Operation in the region (2004)

1st Liver Transplantation in the region as a private hospital (2004)

1st Stroke Center in the region as a private hospital (2005)

1st Comprehensive Cancer Center in the region (2007)