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Advanced Technologies

Group Florence Nightingale “Smart Hospital”We are proud that this latest addition to our Group has been designed to the finest detail to provide our international patients and their families with the best that the world can offer in terms of expertise, technology, comfort and service.

The Florence Nightingale Smart Hospital is due to open at the end of 2011.Put simply, our 200-bed Smart Hospital will be a world-beating center of technological, professional and design excellence, served by the region’s most qualified and experienced doctors and physicians.

Since the dawn of modern medicine, technology has been a driving force, constantly reshaping the way healthcare providers treat patients, whether in an outpatient clinic or a hospital ICU. As cathode ray tube monitors gave way to plasma, LCD, and DLP, patients will move freely around the hospital floor with their families while having their vital signs wirelessly monitored. The latest technological advances such as robotic surgical technology, telemedicine, wireless electronic monitoring will be at the service of our international patients.

Group Florence Nightingale “Smart Hospital”

Understanding the enormous design complexities of building a technologically advanced healthcare facility like the Florence Nightingale Smart Hospital, we assembled the combined talents and shared knowledge of international architects, MEP engineers, interior designers, equipment consultants, hospital staff, systems manufacturers and technology consultants, forging an understanding of these systems by the entire construction and design team.

The Florence Nightingale Smart Hospital will represent the cutting edge of modern technology as applied to medical care from the most sophisticated surgical robotics and wireless 24-hour monitoring right down to smart patient beds and a regulated environment designed to give ourinternational patients a holistic treatment and care package not just at – but beyond – international standards.